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30 Signs You're a Tennis Player/Fanatic

To you, love means nothing. You enjoy watching tennis even when everyone else thinks it's boring. You talk to the TV like your favorite player will be able to actually hear you. You've planned your day around a match that you “had to watch" You set alarms to wake up in the middle of the night ...

Fanatic | Definition of Fanatic by Merriam-Webster

Fanatic definition is - a person exhibiting excessive enthusiasm and intense uncritical devotion toward some controversial matter (as in religion or politics). How to use fanatic in a sentence.

10 Things Tennis Players Say and What They Actually Mean

Here’s 10 things tennis players say, and what they actually mean. 1. When your doubles partner is the reason you’re losing and a ball comes flying right between you. What you say: I got it! What you mean: I swear to god, do not touch this ball. DON’T TOUCH IT. 2. When your doubles partner hits the ball anyway and misses.

Fanatic Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com

Fanatic definition, a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics. See more.

I made this cake for a tennis fanatic. And when I say ...

I made this cake for a tennis fanatic. And when I say "fanatic," I mean that in the truest sense of the word! This seemed a fitting tribute for her birthday. Inside is a lovely chocolate cake, covered in my signature buttercream.

FANATIC | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

fanatic definition: 1. a person who is extremely interested in something, to a degree that some people find…. Learn more.

Novak Djokovic's Breakaway Tennis Players Association Is ...

The Professional Tennis Players Association, a players movement that was launched last August amid the COVID-19 pandemic and then went relatively quiet for months, has new leadership. In a Tuesday statement, the PTPA founders—World No. 1 Novak Djokovic and 66th-ranked Vasek Pospisil—said they had named an executive director and director communications, as well as a […]

for the love of tennis

the pacific life is showing on tv. unfortunately the live telecast starts as early as 2 in the morning for my time. that's why i have been unable to update on my tennis blog. though tennis is the love of my life but with different tournament playing in different continent, it's difficult to catch all of them. sorry!

Are you a fan or a fanatic? - The Hindu

The fact that the word is used in the context of religion should not come as a surprise because ‘fanatic’ comes from the Latin ‘fanum’ meaning ‘of or relating to a temple’.